To obtain an upgrade...

1. Verify your current version by starting BeamChek. The version is stated in the title of your opening screen. 

2. To receive an upgrade you must have a valid BeamChek registration number. If you are an employee of a registered company, please have the original licensee apply for the upgrade. If you did not register your license perviously, you will have to verify your BeamChek purchase by mailing or emailing a scan of the purchase receipt or registration card to us.

3. If you currently have v2020, v2021 or v2022, you may download version 2023 for FREE (about 7 MB) by clicking the link below, We are no longer shipping CD Roms and printed manuals. Send us an email INCLUDING your Registration number and we'll respond with an unlock code.

4. If you own a version PRIOR to v2020 you will need to purchase the upgrade on the "ORDER" page.  We no longer charge a shipping fee as all software is to be downloaded.

5. Registered Building Departments and Academic Instructors may request a free upgrade from any version. Add a note with your email request that you are a building department or instructor requesting a free upgrade.  Please no telephone orders for upgrades.









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The download version is password locked. To receive your personal unlock code, you must email us at BeamChek@gmail.com with the following information:

Subject Line:  BeamChek Upgrade Unlock Code

1. Licensee Name and Company Name

2. Current Address and Telephone Number

3. BeamChek Registration Number (has two parts and looks similar to this: xxx-xxxx , digit size may vary) of the current version you are running.You'll find it on your original diskette, CD-ROM envelope, or on your BeamChek opening screen, if it is a recent version.

To prevent your request from getting lost with the Spam, please state in the email subject line: BeamChek Upgrade Unlock code

Your unlock will normally will be sent via return e-mail within 48 hours. If you are not in our database or we do not have you listed as an owner, we may request additional information showing proof of purchase, or ask you to purchase the appropriate upgrade.  Please note that the unlock code will expire in about a week. If you need another code, email us again.  Once the software is unlocked it stays unlocked.

We recommend that you save the download file to your desktop. When the download is complete, double-click it to start the installation. The first time BeamChek runs you'll be asked to enter your registration number and the current unlock code. 

  If you have v2020, v2021, or v2022 you may download for FREE:

 "Great product!"
AA in Washington

"Install was fast, program is a dream come true" 

DM in Maine

"Very impressed - life has just become much easier"
ML in Washington

"The building department loved the printout and now they use BeamChek for their plan checking."
RJ in California

"This is terrific software"
LK in Vermont

Click Here to Download BeamChek 2023 Upgrade

If you don't get the unlock code in a day, check your SPAM FOLDER!

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